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As a quality manufacturer of marijuana weighing machine solutions, we have proved our worth in the marijuana packaging industry through the testimonials of our satisfied customers. We have carefully engineered and custom built our machines to match the needs and rates of our customers.

For our marijuana weighing, we offer the PrimoCombi multi-head weigh filling machine that features the combination technology wherein the individual piece weight is the main basis for reaching the consistency and tight weight tolerances needed in weighing marijuana and cannabis. This marijuana weighing machine comes in four different configurations including 10H for 75 cycles per minute, 14H for 100 cycles per minute, 16H for 140 cycles per minute, and 24H for 200 plus cycles per minute.

It is designed for food safety as the Primocombi requires less contact with operators. As a result, it is easy and quick to service, operate and clean. With a state-of-the-art mechanical design, the PrimoCombi cannabis weighing is cleaner, more orderly and packed with additional benefits and features that the average weighing machine does not offer today.  What’s more, the weigh filler offers less learning as it is easier to use and it also provides less time for troubleshooting, hence, saving time for operators and technicians. Additionally, with this machine, managers can enjoy the uptime while executives can enjoy the reduced operating expenses.

Since the PrimoCombi features a sanitary and uncluttered design combined with a stainless steel open frame, maintenance team will appreciate the 50% reduce in washdown time. When it comes to its electronics, it has a lesser footprint of the electrical circuitry to minimize the maintenance costs while simplifying its operation. It comes with an adjustable hopper that allows for a hassle-free product changeover and helps in enhancing the flow of product.

During cleaning, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t damage its electronics because the electrical panel can still function even when placed away from the scale. One great thing about PrimoCombi aside from its mechanical features is its 360 Operating Software that offers three impressive benefits such as reporting, online support, and Windows-based PC controls.

For reporting, this consists of event logging and production results archiving, analysis generation, uptime and downtime, and unit cost which can all be achieved with the Crystal Reports. This marijuana weighing machine also supports a free online technical help that is accessible in real-time so that technicians can immediately ask for help, which means, there will no longer be delays, downtime, and additional costs to cover the online support. Finally, the PrimoCombi 360 is easily configurable in sending data and integrating with ERP/MRP thanks to its Windows-based PC controls. You can even receive reports automatically by simply setting up triggers and alerts remotely using the 360 Operating Software.

Other features of our marijuana weighing machine systems:

  • Plug in vibrator motors
  • Remote mounted electrical controls
  • Import/export data
  • Staggered dumping
  • Individual weigh bucket processing control
  • Hopper assembly
  • Multilingual operator interface