JuanaRoll End of Line System from Exiting, Check Weighing, Inspecting to Tube Loading

August 18, 2022
August 18, 2022 Damien Sandoval

Fully customizable to meet your exact needs, our new pre-roll tube loading system integrates seamlessly with the JuanaRoll pre-roll machine to automatically convey your pre-rolls to be check-weighed, inspected, and loaded into tubes! (Capping, labeling & sealing options available.)

This system can also be installed as a stand-alone addition to your manual pre-roll delivery process and can be paired with our tube labeling and cartoning machines to produce your retail-ready product.

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📗About this video:
Technology: Pre Roll , Weigh & Dispensing , Check Weighing
Model: JuanaRoll , WeightCheq , Tube Loading
Package Type: Tube
Industry: Legal Cannabis, Medicinal Cannabis
Product running: Cannabis dry flower

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