Gummy Counting and Pouch Filling System with PrimoCount and Swifty Bagger 3600

October 12, 2022
October 12, 2022 Damien Sandoval

Team up the PrimoCount and our Swifty Bagger 3600 premade pouch filling machine for an accurate & efficient way to package your gummies.

Every single gummy is counted and any product outside of tolerance is automatically dispensed to an accumulation base for reuse – no product is wasted and your counts are exact!

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📗About this video:
Technology: Weigh & Dispensing , Bagging
Model: PrimoCount Batch Master , Swifty Bagger 3600
Package Type: Standup Pouch
Industry: Legal Cannabis, Medicinal Cannabis, Hemp, CBD, Cosmetics, Pet
Product running: CBD gummies, Infused gummies, CBD pet treat

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