Cannabis Flower Packaging System for Bottling, Capping, Induction Sealing, Labeling, and Cartoning

March 18, 2022
March 18, 2022 Damien Sandoval

Get your fresh flower retail-ready with our turnkey system from weighing to cartoning!

Packaging cannabis flowers has never been easier by automating the container filling process with our wide range of cannabis and edible packaging machines for plastic containers, glass jars, cans, and cartons.

We also provide end of line solutions including carton labeling, case or tray forming/packing, and robotic palletizing.

The same system can also be engineered to fill your jars with gummy edibles, tablets, chocolates, and capsules.

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📗About this video:
Technology: Weigh & Dispensing , Unscrambling , Container Filling , Capping , Sealing , Labeling , Cartoning
Model: PrimoCombi , Unscrambler , Container Indexer , KAPR rotary capper , induction sealer , LBLR , Kartnr Vertical Cartoner
Package Type: Jars
Industry: Legal Cannabis, Medicinal Cannabis, Hemp
Product running: Cannabis flower, Cannabis buds, Cannabis dry flower

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