Canapa Dual Container Cannabis Filling System

December 6, 2019
December 6, 2019 Damien Sandoval

This cannabis jar/container filling system contains dual multi-head weighers, container indexing conveyor, three head chuck style capper, induction sealer, wraparound labeler, and an accumulation table. Starting with transfer of raw product to packaging to the final shipping box, our team of automation and mechanical engineers are available for all your packaging needs.

We offer engineering services to visit your cannabis grow and provide personalized insight as to how we can assist your marijuana packaging needs.
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📗About this video:
Technology: Container Filling, Weigh & Dispensing, Capping, Sealing
Model: PrimoCombi, KAPR, Induction Sealer
Package Type: Jars
Industry: Legal Cannabis, Medicinal Cannabis CBD, Cosmetics, Pet

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